How to prepare for Organic Chemistry?

How to prepare for Organic Chemistry?
My daugher is finding general chemistry to be struggle this year, and she’s absolutely terrified of orgo next year. Assuming she actually survives gen chem, is there anything she could do over the summer to get a head start for organic chemistry next year? Books? Online tutorials? Summer classes? Any suggestions would be great!

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My opinion honestly, As a fellow student that didn’t like Chemistry in general and found General Chemistry hard, Organic Chemistry was a difficult class to take but not so much that made General Chemistry hard, which was for me the calculations. Organic Chemistry is a more concept oriented class than calculation class. You memorize reactions and concepts and then you just regurgitate on the exam. If she can memorize well, then she will be fine. Things that she can do is try to find out which textbook she requires for organic class and have her just read it over. Read it over, and if you don’t understand, read it again. If she doesn’t understand the concept, youtube and google are her best friends. Youtube has a vast amount of organic chemistry topics explained well. Another good way is to form study groups. I’m 100% sure she isn’t just the only one who has trouble with the content. Other than asking the professor questions, that is pretty much to it. This is advice from a senior graduating, I wish your daughter good luck!

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hi…this website can help,contains lots of tutorials in organic and general chemistry —

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The best suggestion I can give for organic chemistry preparation, is to start studying the material ahead of time. she can use varied resources such as books and free online tutorials.

I am including 2 useful links below

1- Video on ‘How to Study Organic Chemistry’

2- Website full of organic chemistry (free) tutorial videos and other resources

I hope this helps

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Where Can I Find a Good Tutorial on Organic Reaction Diagrams?
I’m doing Organic Chemistry and need to find a good tutorial on drawing organic reactions. My orgo book blows. I need to find something to explain the rules better.

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I have used this site some, and have seen other people recommend it on Yahoo! Answers.
It’s interactive, well-written, and has lots of practice problems. Repetition is the key to learning organic chemistry.

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  1. Dr OChem May 11, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

    This is really difficult to predict. It is definitely different than the calculation intensive general chemistry, but you can find different approaches and emphasis in different classes. I have seen classes that emphasize retrosynthetic analysis or strategies, molecular orbitals, spectroscopy, mechanisms, or similarity to past exams. Some professors require high scores others require significant understanding of how reactions work, change problems significantly, and passing scores may be much lower, even as low as 30%.

    This is what I would suggest. Purchase A Guide to Organic Chemistry Mechanisms. Your daughter will be able to do the problems entirely on her own over the summer. Follow the advice and photocopy pages so she can repeat them as needed. To get an idea about the problems are written go to:

    If you print out Part A, I guarantee you can do them. Then print out Part B, you should be able to do them as well. They are the same problems repeated. If you could do Part A, then you should be able to do Part B. Then do Part C. These are the same problems repeated again, but they are written similar to the problems in a textbook. Part D contains the completed problems.

    You can also find information I have posted about learning organic chemistry on my website,

    Note how the problems in Part C are similar to the problems in a textbook. The difference is there isn’t an intermediary process for learning them. In my book, there is, Parts A and B. I even had a high school student doing problems on his own. In addition, if you daughter has problems, she could contact me.

    Another book that students like a lot and many use in addition to their textbook is Klein’s book on organic chemistry as a second language.

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