what is a good way to balance equations?

what is a good way to balance equations?
I’m having a lot of trouble in chemistry right now because I’m terrible at balancing equations. I’m fine at formula writing which I’m pretty sure is a big part of that. Does anybody have a good way to help me learn?

Suggestion by pink
Count groups as one unit (NO3) versus splitting each element up and balance
Balance Groups First
Balance Single Atoms Last
Desperation Rule: Add a 3 in front of anything and try it from there

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What is the balanced chemical equation of the combustion of lithium?
Grade 11 Chemistry worksheet:
Write the balanced equation to represent these reactions:
1. the combustion of lithium

Suggestion by Vix
4Li + O2 —-> 2Li2O

Suggestion by chocoholic23511
4 Li + O2 –> 2 Li2O

sorry but subscripts don’t work! it’s O2(subscript) and Li2(subscript). the other “2″ and the “4″ are coefficients/should be written as large as the letters.

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