What is the balanced equation for the reaction between acetylsalicylic acid and sodium hydroxide?

What is the balanced equation for the reaction between acetylsalicylic acid and sodium hydroxide?
I am doing a chemistry project in school for advanced higher chemistry where I am measuring the acetylsalicylic acid content of aspirin tablets but I can not find the balanced equation between the sodium hydroxide used. Help would be really really appreciated!

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The molecular formula for acetylsalicylic acid is: C9H8O2

C9H8O2 +NaOH -> C9H7O4Na + H2O

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C9H8O4 + NaOH = HOC9H8O4 + Na

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If you treat acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) with sodium hydroxide, you will cleave off the acetyl group to the phenol, which will form the sodium salt, and also still have the carboxylic acid present as the sodium salt.

So you will be left with Na2C7H4O3

But do you need two equivalents of base for every equivalent of aspirin? What happens to the acetyl group that is cleaved? Hint: it winds up as acetic acid.

See the link #1 for more information. Depending on what you have available, the second link gives details of a procedure to do precisely what you want to do, although not with the actual tablets.

Link #3 give you the precise reaction.

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Can someone explain what does a relevant balanced equation has to do with cosmetic chemistry?
Okay I’m wondering what kind of relevant balanced equations has to do with cosmetics since I looked all over the web and also how relevant molecules are involved in cosmetic chemistry too.

I’m not chemistry kind of gal, can someone please help? :(

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All Chemistry depends on properly balanced equations. Without those you do not know what is happening and what quantities will be required.

As far as cosmetic chemistry is concerned the industry seems to rely on a “blinding with science approach” rather than meaningful chemistry.

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