What type of ions are formed by group 6 elements?

What type of ions are formed by group 6 elements?
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Suggestion by pisgahchemist
Group 6 contains chromium, molybdenum and tungsten. The only ions in aqueous solution which all three form have charges of +2. Chromium also forms ions in solution which have charges of +3. Neither Mo nor W form ions in solution with charges of +3.

Cr, Mo and W can exhibit oxidation states up to +6. The only way that these higher oxidation states occur in ions is when the metal is part of a polyatomic ion. Therefore, the group 6 metals also form polyatomic ions. For instance, in the chromate ion, CrO4^2-, chromium exhibits an oxidation number of +6.

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Boiling potatoes on a gas stove, and my friend suggests turning up the heat to cook them faster. Will it work?
Came across this question in my chemistry homework, I think the answer to this question is yes, because the energy of random motion increases and the particles vibrate faster, but I need a second opinion. What do you guys think?

Suggestion by Captin Caveman
The water will start to boil faster, but once it does start to boil, it will continue to boil about the same temp. It won’t necessary boil harder, but it will boil faster. Which means it will run dry after a prolong time of boiling. It is becuase the heat has increase and the water is cooling it self back off from the rapid bubble it does to release the heat into condensation – evaporation. It just means that the container it is in will get hotter and will transfer that heat quicker to the water than it being on low flame compared to high flame.

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